Wednesday, April 27, 2011

50ish man, loves long walks on the beach, and Quality Improvement

Last week, someone asked me what was new and exciting in urology.

I dread that question.

Usually, I have to rack my brain for some new technique or piece of equipment that will wow the person.  Surgical lasers are a good bet, but new technology isn't as riveting to civilians as it is to surgeons.

But this time, I blurted out "Doing things better in the OR".  And I realized that I really am excited about quality improvement - even more so than getting a new laser.  And the best part was that he was excited to hear about quality improvement as well.

We talked about the surgical checklist and about the ways the Saskatchewan Surgical Initiative  aims to improve care.  He was genuinely interested.  I think it was because he could see the impact QI could have on him and his family and friends.  While a new surgical technique or instrument may help a limited number of people, system changes affect everyone.

Before this conversation, I avoided talking about QI in healthcare because, frankly, it sounds a little nerdy.  Now, I think it may turn into my go-to ice-breaker.

Don't hide your passion!

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