Friday, April 22, 2011

Poll results are in! Minority victory declared.

Thanks for voting in the Dark Side poll.  Here are the totally unscientific results:

Be perkier and cheerier: 12%
Keep the same tone: 56%
Dig deeper and get darker: 30%
(39 respondents)

These questions weren't validated with a test audience, so they may have been ambiguously worded.  For example, the "Dig deeper and get darker" people may be encouraging me to work in my garden and get a tan this summer.  Who knows?

While the majority think that status quo is good, I'm intrigued that 30% want to see more depth in my writing.  I'm going to declare a minority victory.  What was the point of a poll if you're not going to abide by the results? Well, this is a blog and not a constitutional democracy.

I'm going to interpret "digging deeper" as meaning plumbing internal depths rather than more intensive reportage.  I'll try to be more thoughtful my own feelings and behaviour around my work and healthcare in general. 

Thanks again for taking part.

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