Sunday, April 29, 2012

Variation in Clinical Practice revisited - the video!

How long have you got for lunch today?  37 minutes and 48 seconds? Perfect!

The latest work we're doing in our office (to improve care for patients with bladder cancer) inspired a post in March about variation in clinical practice.  It was also the spark for a presentation I had the pleasure to give at the BCPSQC Quality Summit.  Thanks to Christina Krause and her team for putting on a terrific meeting and for producing this video (37m 48s).

If you're not sure about investing 37 minutes, try the first 7 - that should give you a good idea what to expect from the rest.

(Yes, the screen shot could have been marginally less goofy-looking. Or perhaps not.)


  1. Excellent presentation Kishore! This is a must see for all clinical and administrative leaders.

    Deputy Dan


  2. Aside from this video, can you provide some before and after tummy tuck photos of real results? Thanks and I appreciate it very much if you can post it soon.