Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Will lightning strike twice? My QI journey takes me back to IHI

My QI journey started 5 years ago at the IHI National Forum.  It was literally a life-changing experience for me.   This weekend, I'm going to the IHI National Forum again.  Will lightning strike twice?

That first visit opened my eyes to different ways of delivering and thinking about health care.  It sparked my interest in Clinical Practice Redesign (CPR), and through that work, gave rise to this blog. (Before you follow the link to my very first blog post - about my IHI visit - I want to say that I'd like to believe that my writing has... evolved since then.  Here it is.)  

CPR and QI work led to a relationship with Saskatchewan's Health Quality Council (HQC), which eventually resulted in the incredible opportunity to take a half-time, year-long consulting position with them.  

I've been privileged to be invited to share the results of our CPR work in Saskatchewan and across Canada.  Through these engagements, I've developed relationships with many other people who are likewise committed to improving Canadian health care.

My first IHI visit started me on this journey by showing me that there is a better way, and that there are robust methods by which to plot a new course and then make haste.  My career path has been radically altered by that experience.

What will next week bring?

Perhaps the last 5 years were "low-hanging fruit".  I was likely an easy convert.  I was already primed for the IHI experience and what followed.  Saskatoon Health Region wouldn't have sponsored my attendance if I hadn't expressed some interest in learning about QI.  I doubt that every attendee experiences the same epiphany that I did.  Unless they're putting something in the food. (That egg salad sandwich did taste a little funny.)

Last time, I learned to see a whole new world.  After having been immersed in QI for 5 years, can there possibly be another surprising experience waiting for me?

I hope so.

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