Wednesday, December 7, 2011

IHI lightning strikes again!

Before I left home for this week's IHI National Forum, I wondered if I would have as dramatic an experience as I did at my first IHI visit.  I'm not sure if you're allowed more than one epiphany.

5 years ago, the National Forum changed my career.  Seeing better ways of providing care, and learning the tools to implement those changes led to the improvement work our practice has undertaken.  It led to the chance to meet QI enthusiasts across the country.  It led to this blog.  So, I had high expectations that something at this year's meeting would show me yet a new direction for my QI journey.  

Until yesterday afternoon, I had been disappointed.

I've heard some incredible stories from presenters at the Forum, but they are all variations on themes I've heard before.  I was hoping for something earth-shaking.  

Then, I started hearing stories from other Saskatchewan attendees.  We're over 30 Saskatchewan-strong at the Forum, and to a person, thrilled to be here.   First-time attendees are enthusing about their experiences, like I did at my first visit.  They're talking about testing change ideas at home next week.  They're also anticipating some of the barriers they'll face: lack of time, inadequate resources, no team support.

That's when it struck me: The next step for me is to support others' work.  Making connections. Smoothing paths.  

Working on improving one practice has been satisfying; playing a part in improving many practices... I can hardly wait!

 IHI - you did it again!


  1. Kishore,

    Sharing stories is incredibly important. Beyond the substantive information that is imparted, it creates a sense of community and support for those treading new ground.

    As you know, the medical profession is slow to change, and people are sometimes stymied by a pervasive sense of inertia. If they know that others are making progress, they are encouraged to keep at it.

    Your province is setting a standard here, disproportionately to what might be expected from a relatively small community. Be brave and continue to excel!

  2. Many thanks, Paul, for your wise words and encouragement.

  3. Kishore, we are helping to improve care for our 1,000,000 patients. That means Saskatchewan has a chance to change the world (of healthcare - again). Who could ask for more joy/purpose in work?

    Joy (aka your biggest fan)

  4. Thanks, Joy (aka my constant source of inspiration). 1M family/friends/neighbors are counting on our effort. Now that brings some purpose!

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